Why vegan diet works every single time and its significance for Food for Life

According to research, millions of people today go to sleep hungry. With all of the resources of the world, why is there still an increasing number of poverty-stricken communities around the globe? There are many factors why people are not able to have enough food to eat. Thankfully, Food for Life (FFL), a non-profit organization faithful to its mission to feed the world, is doing its very best to help thousands of hungry people and make them realize an important principle: valuing healthy plant-based foods with vegan diet.

Healthy vegan foods

No, they’re not gross. They’re healthy! Vegan foods, such as leafy vegetables, nutritious avocados, and reddish tomatoes, are some of the most common stereotypes when hearing the word “vegan”. While this is partly true, Food for Life has been successfully feeding the needy using more healthy vegan food options every day, and it worked wonders.

How? What amazing things do vegan foods actually offer to the body? Here are three main reasons why vegan foods work every single time and why it’s used by Food for Life:

  1. Vegan foods are healthier – With the nutritional value that comes along with eating fruits and vegetables, it’s no myth that they’re healthier than your regularly grilled burger or mozzarella pizza. They also contain effective antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and other nutritional substances. They combat many prevalent diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, which have affected many people today.

Why they’re used by FFL

Many food-feeding charities in the world are choosing vegan foods to feed children and adults in need, because they’re high in nutrients compared to animal-based products. Essential nutrients include iron, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, and vitamin B12.

  1. Vegan foods are cheaper – No, you don’t have to spend a wad of cash for these foods. Salads, such as the Caesar salad or avocado salad topped with peas, are not as expensive or costly to prepare than animal-based recipes, and they’re visually appealing, too! With vibrant colors of green leafy asparagus, bright red tomatoes and juicy watermelons, vegan dishes looks expensive, though they’re actually cheaper!

Why they’re used by FFL

To provide every hungry person a good, hearty meal, vegan charities are serving vegan food to maximize budget for feeding thousands of individuals every day. Because vegan foods are essentially cheaper than animal produce, more and more people under the care of vegan charities go to sleep with their tummies full.

  1. Vegan foods help save water – Crop production is saving more water than animal production, not to mention that the latter is the cause of animals killed mercilessly in slaughterhouses. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40% of water in the US comes from irrigation systems, and the other 60% comes from other sources (surface and groundwater). Now, half of all these water resources are used for animal production.

Why they’re used by FFL

Thousands of gallons of water go to waste every time animal-based production is at work, while many countries suffer from lack of water access. Charities, like Food for Life, are also on a mission to combat water shortage or drought around the world. With this in mind, vegan diet is the best option to serve to the hungry and save water.

Make a stand for the hungry

Now, if you want to support the fight against hunger, while promoting the vegan way of life, you can check out Crossways Food for Life or other FFL branches around the world. Support the cause now!